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Human Reproduction Archives

Our mission is to promote continuing medical education for members of the Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction and worldwide professionals interested in areas related to human reproduction, including gynecologists, urologists, biologists, psychologists, nurses and other health professionals. Researches in the areas of assisted reproduction, reproductive health, infertility, endometriosis, climateric, violence against women, adolescence, contraception, fetal medicine, plural families, oncofertility and gynecological endocrinology will be accepted in English for evaluation in the form of Research, Review, Update and Systematic Review articles, as well as Case Reports as detailed in our Section Policies.


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Ludmila Machado Neves Bercaire


Published by:
Brazilian Society of Human Reproduction



  • Ludmila Machado Neves Bercaire


  • Jefferson Drezett
  • Waldemar Naves do Amaral 
  • Thomas Gabriel Miklos

Editorial Committee

  • Cristiano Eduardo Busso
  • Edson Guimarães Lo Turco 
  • Eduardo Camelo de Castro 
  • Fábio Roberto Cabar
  • Fernando Marcos dos Reis
  • Inês Katerina Damasceno Cavallo Cruzeiro
  • James Kateyama Coelho
  • Layza Merizio Borges
  • Leopoldo de Oliveira Tso
  • Luiz Fernando Pina de Carvalho
  • Marco Antônio Barreto de Melo
  • Mario Approbato 
  • Renata Bednar Reigota Ferreira 
  • Ricardo Marques de Azambuja 
  • Ricardo Vasconcellos Bruno 
  • Thaís Sanches Domingues Cury



Language for submission

Starting October, 2017, Human Reproduction Archives will only consider new submissions presented in english and prepared according the Instructions to Authors below.

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