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Activation of the mobility of human spermatozoa with the use of pentoxifylline: effects on spermal DNA

Tamires Correia Evangelista Dutra, Daniela Scherer da Silva, Virgínia Meneghini Lazzari2, Alberto Stein, João Sabino da Cunha Filho

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Introduction: 50% of pregnancy failure is due male factors. One of these factors is the absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate; in these cases the patient is submitted to epididymal or testicular sperm aspiration. The spermatozoa acquired from these technics usually are immobile, what makes necessary the use of pentoxifylline, which activates sperm movement, to distinction of viable spermatozoa to ICSI. Objectives: To analyze if a low concentration of pentoxifylline causes spermatic chromatin damages. Materials and Methods: Sperm motility activation was tested in different concentrations of pentoxifylline. After the screening of doses, the lowest effective concentration was choose to analyze the chromatin damage rate. 15 samples of fresh sperm were tested for DNA damage with HALOSPERM Kit. Blades’ analyses were made in bright field microscopy. The fragmented DNA was settle by the absence of chromatin dispersion halo or small halo. Results: The lowest and effective pentoxifylline dose was 1.5 mM. There was no significant difference on chromatin damage rate between study and control groups (p = 0.55). Conclusion: The use of pentoxifylline at 1.5 mM does not affect the sperm DNA.


pentoxifylline; sperm motility; DNA fragmentation.


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