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Heterotopic caesarean section scar pregnancy after embryo transfer: a case report successfully treated with aspiration

Marcelo Lucchesi Montenegro; Rodrigo Furtado; Carolina Westphalen Savari; Francisco Furtado Filho

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Heterotopic caesarean section scar pregnancy (HCSP) is a rare presentation of an ectopic pregnancy with no standard treatment proposed due to the low number of cases. Besides, it faces the challenge of preserving the concurrent intrauterine pregnancy. The early diagnose and conservative management is mandatory in order to preserve fertility and to prevent catastrophic outcomes to the mother. We present a 35-year-old Brazilian woman submitted to an embryo transfer followed by a HCSP. In order to spare the concurrent intrauterine pregnancy, we performed an embryo reduction of the ectopic gestational sac by ultrasound guided aspiration on 6th week of gestation. The patient gave birth to a healthy baby on 39th week. With this case report we intend to review similar cases described previously and discuss the best options available for management of this complex situation.


Caesarean scar pregnancy, embryo aspiration, heterotopic pregnancy, selective embryo reduction


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