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Is it possible to use the fracture risk assessment tool (FRAX™) when densitometry is not available?

Gustavo Oyama Watanabe, Isabella Moreira Dias, Luciano Roberto Ribeiro de Marins, Marcela Cristina Marquezani Ferreira, Nathalia Leão Vieira, Victor Ferreira Ramos Colasso, Ana Karina Bartman

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Objective: To calculate the percentage of women treated at the Climaterium Outpatient Clinic of Hospital Electro Bonini who had a high risk of fracture calculated by FRAX to offer empirical treatment for osteoporosis. Methods: A FRAX ™ questionnaire was applied during consultations at the Climacteric Ambulatory in September 2018. Women under 40 and over 90 years of age and cancer from anywhere were excluded. Results: Of the 74 questionnaires answered, 24 (32.43%) had an increased risk of fracture, and patients were considered to start treatment for osteoporosis. Conclusion: Despite its limitations, the FRAX™ tool is an easy method to apply and estimates the risk of bone fracture on an outpatient basis, helping with early therapeutic management, especially when there is a lack of access to bone densitometry.


FRAXTM, climacteric, fracture, osteoporosis


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