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Hormonal contraception: Is it time to abandon estrogen?

Mariane Nunes de Nadai, Edson Santos Ferreira-Filho, Jarbas Magalhães, Jaqueline Neves Lubianca, Isabel Cristina Esposito Sorpreso, Edmund Chada Baracat, José Maria Soares-Júnior

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The efficacy of the contraceptive methods is high, and contraceptive effect is mainly due to progestogen, since it promotes inhibition of ovulation, thickening of the cervical mucus, and reduction in tubal motility. Therefore, one must reflect on the role of estrogen – is it time to abandon it? In this paper, we discuss the role of estrogen and progestogen in contraception, bleeding profile and non-contraceptive benefits.


Hormonal contraception; Estrogens; Progestins


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